The Leviathan (2015)

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The Leviathan (2015) is a spectacular-looking sci-fi thriller

The Leviathan (2015) is set at the early 22nd century when mankind had colonized many worlds. Faster than light travel was made possible by harvesting exotic matter from the eggs of the largest species mankind has ever seen. Those that take part in the hunt are mostly involuntary labor.

A web sensation!

The Leviathan (2015) comes from the minds of Academy Award nominated short film director Ruairi Robinson and Fight Club and Jumper screenwriter Jim Uhls. Robinson directed a previous sci-fi short titled The Silent City, which actually starred the then up-and-coming Cillian Murphy. Neill Blomkamp and Simon Kinberg joined the project as producers. Now Fox has bought the The Leviathan movie pitch and the script for the film

You might be surprised to know that 300, Sin City, District 9, Deadpool and even Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - all started life as proof-of-concept short films.


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