Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

1954 | Adventure | Feature

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1954) adapted by a visionary director Luis Bunuel

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1954) - On 30 September 1659, the aristocratic British Robinson Crusoe's ship sinks and he miraculously survives on a deserted island somewhere in South America. He retrieves a dog, Rex, and cat, Sam, from the shipwreck together with some supplies, weapons, clothes and tools and builds a shelter. He soon learns how to survive by cooking, farming, harvesting the crops. Then the loneliness begins to haunt him, especially after the loss of Rex. When he sees a group of cannibals in the island, tension and fear become part of his life. Later he saves the life of a savage that was going to be eaten by the cannibals; he names him Friday and they become friends. When Robinson Crusoe sees Caucasians on the island, he finds that Captain Oberzo was the victim of a mutiny and he helps him to retrieve his ship. The classic novel by Daniel Defoe gets adapted by the great Luis Buñuel.

One of Bunuel's finest films

Of the many great films Luis Bunuel was involved with, ROBINSON CRUSOE is perhaps his most neglected, but in my view, it is one of his very best movies. Defoe's story of an emissary of white, Christian civilisation suddenly alone in the universe and having to fend for himself, is a wonderful metaphor from which to explore the human condition and spirit, thrust into a world in which, if there is a God, he is seemingly powerless to help or intervene.

Cast and Crew:

Director: Luis Buñuel Writers: Daniel Defoe (novel) Stars: Dan O'Herlihy, Jaime Fernández, Felipe de Alba

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