A Force Of One

1979 | Action | Feature | Martial arts | More info on IMDb

Drug agents are instructed in karate by expert Chuck Norris!

When local Californian police find themselves powerless against the spread of drugs they call in a Vietnam veteran and karate champ to instruct them in the martial arts. However, when his son is killed by the local mob for knowing too much, he decides to take on the drugs barons himself.

Written by stunt veteran and bit-part actor Pat Johnson (The Big Brawl) who also has a role here as a referee (repeating the same again in all 3 original Karate Kid movies), this 1979 martial arts thriller isn't too bad at all, and still holds up as an entertaining film over 40 years later! Chuck Norris had had a few starring roles up to this point, but really started to kick things off with this action flick and its predecessor, Good Guys Wear Black. From here on in, big Chuck was on a role delivering a kick-ass action film annually and making a name for himself as America's action hero.

Chuck Norris movies (for the most part) are usually good fun. A good many of Norris' earlier films are good solid action flicks, not necessarily classics but fun nonetheless." A Force of One" is a fun film but is severely dated. However it moves at a good clip and the action scenes are pretty decent. Many of the usual clichés are on display and good olé' Chuck has his way with the bad guys.

Directed by: Paul Aaron. Starring: Jennifer O'Neill, Chuck Norris, Clu Gulager, Ron O' Neal.

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