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Survivors of a downed reconnaissance ship are about to discover that mother nature has a powerful new ally!

After harnessing the power of 'artificial intelligence' to reverse the environmental damage humans have inflicted on the planet, the AI spirals out of our control, covering the entire land surface in dense jungle terrain. Now, only a fraction of the population remains, as the majority struggle to survive in this new natural world. A group of scientists, technicians and military personnel stay sheltered from the dangerous jungle surroundings in a top secret, underground R&D facility. But as they begin to search for survivors they discover a mysterious new force that is now firmly in control. Upon venturing deeper, they become exposed to the strict rules and customs that protect the new ecosystem, above all else.

There's a feature length movie here, just needs some fleshing out, more backstory, context and could be another Spectral

Adam K Batchelor is a Writer/Director from London, United Kingdom. He currently works as a self-shooting Producer at a creative agency and as a Freelance Director on various commercial, editorial and creative film projects internationally. Adam has previously collaborated with Filmmaker Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull as a Cinematographer on his short films - I.R.I.S and SYNC, and on his first feature film ‘The Beyond’ (previously on Netflix). More recently Batchelor has transitioned into the Director chair for his first proof of concept short film Satori [Awakening], which he is currently developing as a feature film and TV series.

Written and Directed by Adam K. Batchelor Starring Jane Perry, Mark Holden, Rowen Hawkins Runtime: 17 min Country: UK Official website: Adam Batchelor

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