Tornado: The Last Blood (1983)

1983 | Action | War | Feature

Better-than-average Pasta taste of the Vietnam War

During the Vietnam war, an army sergeant rebels against his tyrant commanding officer, whilst they are cut off by the enemy in the jungle. Things get worse for all of them after that.

There are a number of memorable, stand-alone scenes throughout the picture. One, in which the Captain and his cohorts discuss finding Maggio - only to have him jump over their heads with a dirtbike - is simultaneously funny and grim. The discovery of a suicide and subsequent hand-to-hand fight is also very well-constructed.

"Tornado" is an un-original action piece with enough good performances and interesting situations to keep any war film fan engaged, though not on the end of their seat. Worth a look.

Directed by Antonio Margheriti
Starring: Giancarlo Prete, Antonio Marsina, Luciano Pigozzi
Country: Italy

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