Shave It

2012 | Animation | Comedy | Short Film | More info on IMDb


Short film Shave It puts us in the wilderness of the forests where giant bulldozers are tearing apart the woods. There is a monkey that accidentally finds a shaving machine and decides to use it. Spontaneously disguised as a human being, he moves out to the city and starts a career. After a stunning success in business, he understands the need of gaining political power. Not too long after, he becomes the president. Now he is ready to make a change.

Short film Shave It (2012) Review:

“For us, [the film is] an ironic reflection about how nature adapts to the human invasion,” state the Maldonado and Tereso who observed monkeys’ movement and behavior in zoos and the Amazonian jungle, along with actors, to bring the charming animated character to life.

For sound design, the duo found inspiration in the Lira, an Amazonian bird which imitates the sounds it hears in the environment “with such a lack of criticism or judgment” that it imitates the other birds singing.

“Regarding aesthetics, we wanted to choose the way of maximum expression possible, trying to get over the technique,” state the film makers. “In a free mix of 3D and 2D animation, saturated and live colors, we found a harmony that reflects the nature’s freedom.”

Directed by: Jorge Tereso and Fernando Maldonado

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