The Unholy Four

1970 | Western | Feature


The Unholy Four follows a gang of robbers who set a diversionary fire in a madhouse as part of their plot to steal a gold shipment. Four inmates escape together. One of them, an amnesiac, hopes to find out who he is and where he comes from. One of the robbers reveals his name, Chuck Mool, and other clues lead him and his fellow escapees to his hometown. There Chuck is reintroduced to his family. But then, maybe it's not his family. Chuck Moll

The Unholy Four (1970) Review:

The Unholy Four or (Italian: Ciakmull - L'uomo della vendetta, also known as Ciak Mull is a 1970 Italian spaghetti western. The film represents the directorial debut of Enzo Barboni, that was, until then, a respected cinematographer. He replaced Ferdinando Baldi, who was fired by the producer Manolo Bolognini because of his insistence in wanting to engage the actress Annabella Incontrera in the role of Sheila.

Quentin Tarantino say this is in his top 20 Spaghetti Westerns. The Unholy Four was not only Barboni's first Western, but his first film as director. And as a Spaghetti western debut, it's a pretty solid effort

Directed by Enzo Barboni
Starring: Leonard Mann, Woody Strode, Pietro Martellanza

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