Forest Warrior (1996)

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Forest Warrior introduces us to Chuck Norris who plays John McKenna, a spiritual being who is able to transform into bear, wolf or eagle. As a good-hearted shape-shifter, he helps a group of well-rasied children to protect an enchanted magical forest from evil lumberjacks.

Forest Warrior (1996) Review:

This forgotten movie brings you a three in one experience: Home Alone, PBS's Nature, and Walker, Texas Ranger and all in 90 minutes! You have Chuck "The Legend" Norris as a shapeshifting forrest hippie, and you need more? The special effects were excellent, particularly the sparkling light balls. It is a historical movie as the source of a scene in which Chuck Norris stops a chainsaw by grabbing it with his bare hand. It is one of those epic scenes that will forever be remembered in cinema's history, not by the glance of an Academy Award but by millions of memes cloned/rendered from it.

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Cast and Crew:

Directed by Aaron Norris
Starring Chuck Norris, Terry Kiser, Max Gail, Roscoe Lee Browne.


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