The Emissary (2018)

Drama | Science Fiction | Short Film |

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Truncated ending or not, this is one quality short!

Liv Laika embarks on a solitary mission to a distant planet in search of her ancestors who fled the earth nearly a century prior. After days of radio silence, Liv begins to question whether or not they even want to be found.

Bryan is an Atlanta based screenwriter and director. He discovered film making when, after winning a middle school science fair, he bought his first video camera with the prize money and promptly began throwing together short films with his brother and two close friends. (The friends were reunited on the short film The Balkan State (2015).) Bryan attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he graduated in Fall, 2014 with a BFA in Film and Television. His senior project, the short film Anomie (2015), has been well received at a number of film festivals, and he continues to develop future projects and pursue a career as a director. Bryan has also worked in the Grip and Electric department on a number of short films and commercial projects. He also works as a cinematographer, most notably with fellow SCAD Alumni Justin Suttles on Hominid (2014), but occasionally for his own films, and on commercial projects.

Written and Directed by Bryan Tan
Starring: Viviana Chavez, Jonathan Horne

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