Her Friend Adam

2016 | Drama | Short Film

Powerful Short Film About Sexual Insecurity - Her Friend Adam (2016)

Her Friend Adam (2016) tells a story of a boyfriend’s insecurities that spark an argument which spirals into a full-on emotional meltdown. Her Friend Adam (2016) is a powerful single-take drama featuring a Sundance Special Jury Award–winning performance by Grace Glowicki. Anyone who has ever felt fraught with jealousy over their partner’s relationship with another will relate to Ben Petrie’s powerful new short, Her Friend Adam. A film that balances between comedy and drama, as our main character Robert (played by Ben himself) spirals out of control suffering cringeworthy sexual insecurity. The film features thunderous performances from Ben and his on-screen, and real life girlfriend, Grace Glowicki who took away the Jury Award for Outstanding Performance at Sundance back in January. I picked Ben’s brain to find out how he manifested on screen that feeling of despair spawned from the jealous fear that our loved one may have eyes for another.

Awards and Festivals

OFFICIAL SELECTION 2016: Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Calgary International Film Festival, Palm Springs International ShortFest, Nashville Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Dallas International Film Festival, Rooftop Films, New Zealand International Film Festival, New Orleans International Film Festival, Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival, Molise Cinema Film Festival, Phi Center Best of SXSW, RinCon, Lighthouse International Film Festival, 2016 Sundance Short Film Tour

Cast and Crew:

directed by Ben Petrie

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