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Helio (2015) Best Sci-Fi Film of 2016 Comic Con

A miner worker sparks a revolution when he attempts to break free of his dystopian underworld. On the eve of a rebel uprising in a dystopian underground society, he finds the key to freedom and attempts to escape before the hostile government kills him first. Helios (?????) is the Greek word for the Sun but depending on how it is conjugated it can also be written "Helio"(????). Winner of over 50 awards, including Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Film of 2016 at San Diego Comic Con. Written and Directed by Teddy Ceci.

Helio (2015) is epic film in both execution and scale

The rich will inherit the earth and all its wealth and privileges. It's always been that way and always will be?! The world is a layer cake. You start at the bottom, and take all the shit. You move up, you take less shit. If you're lucky and ruthless, you give out all the shit. OR You have the third world at the bottom, living in poverty and death to do the hardest work for the lowest wage. Up the cake you go until you reach 'us' in North America, at the second last (or next to the top) layer, complaining about how much shit we take to fatten the pigs at the top. With a little perspective, we would realize how good we have it, but we're all staring at the guys up top in their mansions and their million dollar cars. This is excellent movie, a true testament to the fact sci-fi doesn't always have to be over-the-top with fantasy.?

Cast and Crew:

Filmmaker Bio
Teddy Cecil (writer/director/producer)
Born and raised in New York, Teddy Cecil moved out to Los Angeles in 2009 upon completing his film studies at NYU. HELIO is his debut short film and took over two years to complete.

Shadow Council Productions Bio:
Shadow Council Productions is a Los Angeles-based production. HELIO is their first in-house production from beginning to end.

“Masked Miner” - Barrett James
“Head Councilor” - Dennis Keiffer
“Strong Rebel” - Dio Johnson
“Lead Tagger” - Derek Chariton
“Doctor” - Chuck Wigginton
“Riot Councilor” - Erik Denton

Writer/Director - Teddy Cecil
Producers - Teddy Cecil, David Kenneth
Co-Producers - Nick Cofino, Brett Miller
VFX Supervisor – Brad Phillips
Cinematographer - Byron Werner
Editor - Carlos David Rivera
Music + Sound - P. Daniel Newman
Production Designer - Kurt Braun
Costume Designer - Elizabeth Van Dam
Line Producer / UPM - Kris Murphy
Casting Director - Debbie Sheridan
Art Director - Bryan Decker
Make-Up Dept. Head - Elissa Prager
VFX Editor- Dawn Turner

Some Review Excerpts/Quotes
“A fully realized world that’s real impressive.” – Matt Atchity, Editor-in-Chief of RottenTomatoes.com
“Impressed beyond my expectations. Much to take seriously.” – MovieMaker Magazine
“A visual spectacular.” – FilmBuzz
“Helio is something everyone needs to check out.” – Film Fervor
“Impressive and Thrilling. Helio delivers.” – Take One
“Nothing short of amazing.” – ArtsBeat LA

Website: heliothefilm.com
Facebook: facebook
Twitter: twitter
YouTube: youtube
IMDb: imdb


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