A Twist Of Sand (1968)

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A Twist Of Sand (1968) follows a former British Naval Officer who makes his living by smuggling goods around the Mediterranean. After being forced to dump his cargo after nearly being caught by the authorities in Malta, he is eager to recoup his losses. When a former colleague appears and tells a wild story about smuggling diamonds out of South West Africa, he sees his chance to make a lot of money.

A Twist Of Sand (1968) - great maritime thriller

Accompanied by the wife of a diamond prospector and a few shady characters he embarks on a quest to retrieve the diamonds. The only problem is that nobody trusts anybody else and the only way to retrieve the diamonds is to navigate the dangerous waters of the skeleton coast, a place where few ships have ever survived. To complicate things further, he has some very good reasons for not going there related to a mission he undertook there during the war.

Maritime thriller based on a bestseller by Geoffrey Jenkins, starring Richard Johnson, Honor Blackman and Roy Dotrice. It seems a shame that so many British films made about this time have all but disappeared these are films that i grew up with such as hammerhead long days dying and a film with mark lester as a child who witnesses a murder on malta and is chased by two cops.

Cast and Crew:

Directed by Don Chaffey
Starring Richard Johnson, Honor Blackman, Jeremy Kemp


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