The Splinter Cell (2014)

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The Splinter Cell (2014) - Fanfilm based on a Video-game

The Splinter Cell is a live-action short set in the past that follows the early years of the franchise lead as he becomes the titular hero. Before the game stories, before the modern times, and before Third Echelon: There was only a man. Sam Fisher. Official Splinter Cell movie is apparently coming out next year, but fans did their job earlier.

Atomic Productions 2014. 'The Splinter Cell' is a non-profit fanfilm created by the producers out of their love and appreciation for the source material. It is created entirely as a labor of love and not intended for sale or commercial, for-profit distribution. All rights to Splinter Cell franchise belong to Tom Clancy and Ubisoft. Their original work can be seen on YouTube channel (YT/ben3308). They split their time between tense dramas and farcical parodies, so this 'action' film was a refreshing test of Atomic Productions crew's versatility. The weapon that Sam Fisher uses in this short is actually the Mk.23 SOCOM with LAM and silencer, which bears a slight resemblance to the USP. This is the same weapon Sam uses in his default loadout in Splinter Cell: Conviction. Splinter Cell came from Third Echelon being a splinter cell/group within the NSA.

Directed by Ben Adams and Andrew Adams.
Starring: John Redlinger, Todd Gable and Jared Smith


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