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Black Holes (2017) - Funny, strange and mesmerizing proof of concept film

Black Holes is a satirical animated series about space conquest, the meaning of life and proctology. It chronicles the journey of Dave The Astronaut and his partner, an intelligent melon, as they embark on the first ever human mission to Mars.

A punk-rock-Pixar animated series about an insecure astronaut and an intelligent melon on their journey to Mars. This short film is a proof of concept which premiered at Sundance 2017. Created by the Nicolas Brothers, French artists David and Laurent Nicolas!

We made a 12 minute 3D animated short film that serves as our proof of concept for the series: it introduces our tone, style, characters and themes. Black Holes was selected out of 9,000 films submitted from around the world to premiere at the Academy Award® qualifying Sundance Film Festival. Being one of the top festivals in the world, Sundance was a great opportunity for us to raise awareness about the project, both with the audience and the industry. Now, we’ve decided to bring Black Holes to Kickstarter for two main reasons: To bring this quirky animated sitcom to life while maintaining our creative independence. To collaborate with our backers to make Black Holes the next breakthrough success in the animation world. By including YOU, our backers, in the creative process, we will make Black Holes into a game-changing show we will all be proud of. - NOODLES STUDIO

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