Spoiler (2011)

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Coroner's life in the world of undead!

The worldwide infection changed the world for good. One coroner isn't just a collector of the dead anymore. Now he comes to make sure you're actually dead. Or to help you get there.

This was incredibly well done. From the acting, plot, music, and emotional storyline, it was simply astounding in my humble opinion. When the viewers, myself included of course, can actually feel the moral and emotional turmoil emitting from the main character, that is a feat unto itself. Just wow … this was excellent, and yes the entire story would make a great series or movie. Pre-infection, infection-origin, and all the events would be well received by the viewers, I am 100% sure. Kudos to the entire production team, and thank you for sharing. - RealHandEngraver


Written and directed by Daniel Thron Produced and photographed by Karl Denham Edited by Christopher Stack Music and sound design by Robert Flynn Zombie design and makeup by Dan Platt, assistant Kei Chong Assistant directors: Ben Hansford and Aaron Priest Associate producer: Robin Frederick Grip/Electric: AndreW Cochrane and Christopher Stack Boom: Josh McHugh VFX David Bryant Ben Hansford Karl Denham Brian White CAST
Michael Faradie David Bryant Luke Albright Randy Crowder Margaret Bright-Ryan Christopher Williams Stephanie Lanza Jake Maymudes

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