Mech: Human Trials (2014)

Science Fiction | Short Film |

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After a serious accident, a man is introduced to a designer street drug promising to restore his ravaged body. Desperate to mend himself, he becomes consumed by the drug only to discover it is threatening his humanity.

Mech: Human Trials (2014) Review:

This would be an epic tv show or movie it would work both ways there are so many paths it could take.Benn Brown

Nanite injections to restructure the human body? Interesting idea. - Art Wood (Grave Intent)

"I didn't sign up for this" LOL I guess that's what every junkie in the history of the World has said to themselves after losing everything and everyone and doing anything, a n y t h i n g, to get their next fix. Neat storyline - Jim's Inkspot

Cast and Crew:

Directed by Patrick Kalyn
Starring Steve Baran, Rowland Pidlubny, Douglas Chapman


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