Mad Max Roadkill BBQ (2015)

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Mad Max Roadkill BBQ (2015) - Shockingly violent and highly entertaining Fan Film

In the apocalypse, gasoline drives us all Mad. Warning: video has some over-the-top gore, so might want to hold off on sharing it with young children and groundlings. Thanks to WB Games for sponsoring this video and helping us bring the Mad Max world to life!

Corridor Digital Videos Does it Again!!!

It's always awesome to see Corridor Digitals videos when they have a bit of a budget. They are probably one of the best youtubers out there. Corridor is one of the best youtube channels. They are constantly inventive, and it's kinda shame they only seem interested in doing commercials for game/movie companies. If they made an actual movie I'd bet it would do really well.

Mad Max Cast and Crew:

Director: Mike Diva Writers: Mike Diva and Sam Gorski

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