Horn of Gondor (2020)

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Gondor is on a bring of destruction in this amazing Tolkien Fan Film!

500 years before the story of The Lord of the Rings. Gondor is under siege by the hordes of Balchoth. The Ruling steward, Cirion, places his hope to the North, to the half-forgotten nation of the Horselords. Will the knight, Borondir, succeed and convey Cirion's message? Horn of Gondor fan film was made in the Czech Republic and depicts a lesser-known chapter from the Tolkien's world. Set

But always I have let my horn cry at setting forth, and though thereafter.
Tolkien fans will love this short fan film. There is an epic scene of hand to hand combat that alone is worth watching. As with many other fan films, it's free to watch on YouTube.

Directed by Simon Pesta Starring Borek Belfin, Josef Berousek, Roman Dvorak, Zdenek Gloser


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