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In 2092 it is estimated that 98% of the world is covered in a toxic volcanic gas. An engineer of a maximum security prison is captured by a rival gang and coerced into breaking out their leader.

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Written & Directed by: Edward Andrews
Story by: Eduardo Parra & Edward Andrews
Produced by: Eduardo Parra, Carlos G. Davila, Philip Planta, Edward Andrews
Starring: Simon Arblaster, Thomas Newman, David Angulo, Guillermo Callahan, Moishe Teichman & Paco
Segovia, Barbara Delgado, Uros Certic, Malcolm Sparrow-Crawford
Editor & VFX Supervisor: Edward Andrews
Onset VFX Supervisor: Eduardo Parra
Music by: Toni Martin Dobrzanski
Sound design by: Enos Desjardins
Production: And works Pictures, Reverie Workshop, Craft Cinema

Edward Andrews

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, VFX Supervisor
As a visual effects compositor Edward has worked on high profile films such as Blade Runner 2049, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Assassins Creed, Skyfall, Rush, Inception, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, and The Dark Knight Rises. As a writer & director, his short film has screened in festivals around the world and won multiple awards. He is currently on the festival circuit with his latest sci-fi film Hecatomb and in pre-production on a feature-length documentary due to be released next year. More of his
work can be seen at www.andworkspictures.com.

Eduardo Parra

Producer, Onset VFX Supervisor
Originally from Mexico City, in 2009 Eduardo immigrated to Vancouver, Canada to complete his studies in Game and Art Design and Visual Effects at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Van Arts). He then completed the Digital Character Animation program at Vancouver Film School (VFS). His work has featured
in popular TV shows such as The Strain, Vikings, Once Upon A Time, True Blood, Arrow and feature films such as American Sniper, Expendables 3, The Interview and Fast & Furious 7.


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