Foursome (TV Series 2016) - hookups, parties and high school drama

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An Edgy Comedy Series exploring hookups, parties and high school drama

Foursome TV series was picked up by YouTube for its Red subscription service.Foursome is an American romantic comedy web series, starring Jenn McAllister and an ensemble cast of other social media entertainers and professional actors. The series is produced by AwesomenessTV, and premiered on March 30, 2016 exclusively for YouTube Red.

Foursome is an edgy comedy series from DreamWorks Animation's AwesomenessTV starring social media influencers Jenn McAllister and Logan Paul. Foursome was created by Selyna Warren and Marissa Shields. The six-episode series stars McAllister as the undeatable Andie who is on a mission to shake her stigma as the younger sister of Paul's Alec with the help of her three best friends. Rickey Thompson, Meghan Falcone, Cameron Moulene, Brooke Markham and John Milhiser also star. In a bit of a departure from the teen-friendly fare that YouTube has funded, Foursome is described as exploring hookups, parties and high school drama. Amy York Rubin directs and executive produces alongside Warren, Shields and ATV's Brian Robbins and Shauna Phelan. Brin Lukens and Scott Levine are producing. Phelan explains that ATV wanted to create a series that would feel authentic to its teenage audience. "We're definitely pushing the envelope but it's, for us, about creating engaging characters and stories that we think will be relevant to our audience," she says. "This is a topic that our audience wants to hear about." The series will use comedy to explore the more dramatic topics. "Even though this relationship has heart as well as some real moments, relationships and hookups are rife with comedy," she continues. And although that title, Foursome, has a provocative connotation, she insists that at its core, the series is about Andie and her best friends — another foursome, if you will. "This happens to be a comedy that tackles relationships and sex, but it really, truly is about this core group of four friends," says Phelan.

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