Eighteen Arhats of Shaolin Temple (2020)

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A Kung Fu Odyssey Through the Wilds of the Martial Arts World

If you're looking for a trip down the rabbit hole of martial arts mayhem, "Arhats of Shaolin Temple" is your ticket to ride. This film is a heady mix of jaw-dropping fight scenes, off-the-wall humor, and a dash of spiritual enlightenment thrown in for good measure.

The story follows a group of monks who find themselves in a battle to defend their temple against an evil warlord. But this isn't your typical kung fu flick. Oh no. Director Lau Kar-leung has infused this film with a sense of anarchic energy.

From the opening scene, where a monk uses his beard to fish for dinner, to the final showdown that sees our heroes battling it out with their enemies in a field of wheat, "Arhats of Shaolin Temple" is a non-stop thrill ride. And the cast of characters is just as eclectic as the action on screen. There's the wise old master who dispenses nuggets of wisdom like a mystical Yoda, the young monk who just wants to get laid, and the villainous warlord who chews up the scenery with relish.

In short, "Arhats of Shaolin Temple" is a wild, unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining ride through the world of kung fu cinema. Strap yourself in and get ready for one hell of a trip.

Written and directed by: Li Xi Jie Starring: Yangyang Long, Gu Shangwei, Miao Xie

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