Cosmos: War of the Planets (1977)

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A strange signal arrives on the Earth disturbing all communications, while an ufo appears above the Antarctic sea. Captain Alex Hamilton is sent with his spaceship and crew to the space outside the Solar System to find the origin of that signal. They reach an unknow planet where a giant robot enslaved a whole population of humanoids by taking their psychic energies. The robot's got his eyes on the Earth, too...

This is a muddled, confusing, badly edited and occasionally completely unwatchable Italian science fiction movie, a rambling wreck of a film that tries so desperately hard to be impressive but fails miserably on almost every count. Still, I kinda liked its funky vibe. While bad, it's campy fun and certainly worth the five hours I spent watching the movie and writing this review.
Cosmos: War of the Planets was first released in 1977, riding the massive groundswell caused by Star Wars. Since that time, it has bounced around under various names, including Cosmos 2000: Planet Without a Name, Battle of the Stars, War in Space and even Battaglie Negli Spazi Stellari(!). At some point it was cast down into public domain hell and was picked up by b-movie pimps Brentwood Home Video, who released it on cheap-ass DVD under the name Cosmos: War of the Planets. - millionmonkeytheater

Director: Alfonso Brescia
Starring: John Richardson, Yanti Somer, West Buchanan


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