Adam (2016)

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Webby Award winning short film created with the Unity game engine!

If you like Dystopian worlds, you’ll love ADAM. A few years ago, Academy Award-nominated director Neill Blomkamp wrote something he labelled The ADAM bible. This 50-page document explored the rich possibilities of an original, dystopian world created by writer and director Veselin Efremov in 2016. Whereas Efremov’s original story introduced a world where robots live in a suppressed and violent society, Blomkamp saw potential for so much more.

Leveraging the power of his independent creative outfit Oats Studio, Blomkamp decided to further expand the world. ADAM has now grown into a viral hit series of three short films, transforming what was once a Unity real-time demo into an immersive, engaging, and ongoing story.

Adam’s look is the combination of all visual effects used, from nice particle effects, to vertex cache animation, baked physical simulation and an entire custom volumetric fog and lighting system. Demo team’s VFX Artist Zdravko Pavlov explained in detail his work process in the dedicated blogpost about VFX in Adam.

Written and Directed by Veselin Efremov Starring Ovanes Torosian, Stanimir Stamatov


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