CLOSER (2013)

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If you have a sense of humor, you may find this fun and enjoy the heavy dose of CGI!

Something terrifying is happening to the Earth. Luke and Sarah, unaware of the danger, are just worried about having a passionate offhand camping weekend. Two unexpected guests will ruin their plans.

This is a fun little short which doesn't take itself too seriously. There is some bawdy humor, which is rare in the ultra-serious sci-fi genre but offers some welcome relief simply because it is so rare. That may put some viewers off. However, if you aren't a complete nerd about these things - and I admit I may have to struggle against that sometimes myself - and you have a sense of humor, you may find this fun and enjoy the heavy dose of CGI. Francesca Gandolfo, who doesn't have any other credits apparently, steals the show as an alien in tights, while Vincenzo Alfieri provides most of the humor while carrying the plot. "Closer" apparently was intended as a sort of pilot for a film or tv series which never materialized (at least not yet), but it stands on its own and is worth the watch.

Director: Angelo Licata Starring: Vincenzo Alfieri, Elena Cucci, Francesca Gandolfo


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