Caesar - Miniseries

2002 | Action | Adventure | Drama | Series

Julius Caesar life with excellent performances!

Julius Caesar is an epic story set in magnificent, ancient Rome. It will bring to life one of history's greatest figures. The miniseries will not only show Caesar as one of the greatest politicians, generals and orators to have ever lived. It will particularly tell of a man, of his early days, of his formation and assent to power, of his ambitions, anxieties, weaknesses and of the three great loves of his life.

Stylish,visually stunning epic-scale Roman biography!

It's very hard to compress the career of Julius Caesar into 3 hours of television, but this production accomplished the task admirably. Jeremy Sisto did a fine job conveying both the strengths and weaknesses in Caesar's character, and the supporting cast (especially Chris Noth) did an excellent job acting as complements and foils to Caesar.

Starring: Jeremy Sisto, Richard Harris, Christopher Walken

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