Zombie movie

2005 | Comedy | Horror | Short Film


Zombie movie set in the zombie apocalypse where three mates are stranded. The trusty Holden is out of gas. With only fast food scraps and a few cigarettes for sustenance, surviving each other may prove harder than facing the undead outside, in New Zealand in 1986.

Zombie movie (2005) Review:

The story follows three New Zealand bogons trapped in a car in the middle of a swarm of zombies. They're not the brightest bunch and hilarity ensues. The acting was great with the three trapped bogons being stereotypes but also possessing individual characters. Of course as the film was made by some guys from Weta the zombie makeup and effects were top notch. The general theme of the film is one of light comedy but seeing as the guys are in quite a predicament you could easily class this as a black comedy. if you like zombie movies then check this out. I hope this means they can make a full length feature film now. - Michael Soutar

Cast and Crew:

Director: Ben Stenbeck
Stars: Jason Docherty, Chris Guise, Freya Blackwood

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