You Seen My Goat? (2014)

2014 | Comedy | Short Film

You Seen My Goat? (2014) - Freaky Trip Through Redneck Countryside!

You Seen My Goat? (2014) - Winning third place in the Coppola film competition is You Seen My Goat?, a short submitted by Robert Rafalat and Alex Kirkland that takes you on a quick and wacky trip through the Southern American countryside. All we need is one spark of eye contact and in the moment of taking a breath, a relationship can blossom and die.

Music taken from “Ergo Phizmiz - A Fantasia on Jan Svankmajer” (plus what the CC liscence is,

Directed by Robert Rafalat and Alex Kirkland. Starring: Victoria Emslie, Matt Maltby

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