The Reckoning (2016)

Science Fiction | Short Film |

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In a post apocalyptic world where resources are controlled, a fearless young girl seeks revenge for her families death. After years of Government manipulation on the people, she must find a way to restore order from those who took everything from her.

Troy has spent the last ten years creating cinematic films, commercials, documentaries, and non-profit organization promotional videos. He is completely self taught in nearly all areas of film. He has spent the years learning the world of cinematography, lighting, motion graphics, compositing, sound design, and more. His passion for storytelling brings to life his love for all aspects of film but he has honed his skills and thrives in directing actors. Troy is currently in the process of optioning a feature script and is moving forward in producing and directing it in 2015. He is alway motivated to do his best in everything and to pull out the best from his actors. He creates a fun and safe set for actors to feel freedom in their roles and to make it their own. See his work below and contact for more information on how you can be apart of the vision: "Creating quality positive films to help create change and impact people around the world."

Written and directed by Troy Ruff
Starring: Sivan Amilani, Aion Boyd, Sarah Cox


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