The Hot, the Cool and the Vicious (1977)

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In this period martial arts-adventure, three warriors set out on a series of adventures in order to determine who has the strongest fighting skills. The Hot, the Cool, and the Vicious stars Delon Tan and Wang Tao.

I know the best martial arts movie ever made is "Magnificent Weapons of China" but this movie has the best title. I doubt "Nan quan bei tui zhan yan wang" actually translates into "The Hot, The Cool, and the Vicious", its something more like security - king - something - something. What a fabulous title. The story starts out with excellent pacing and intrigue and the fights are great simply because of the kicks. At the end the story falls apart because there is too much to resolve and circumstances have to be contrived for a final fight and resolution. Who cares, just great fights, above average stuff. Dorian and Don team up again and add Chang Yi and a bit of comedy in "Challenge of Death".

Directed by: Lee Tso Nam
Starring: Tao-Liang Tan, Don Wong, Ming Chin


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