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The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu (1980) - Two Ming Martial Arts Experts spend their days helping the weak

The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu (1980) - Two Ming patriots spend their days helping the weak and rescuing damsels in distress. This alum gets them in trouble, though, as they are captured and then volunteered to go after the fearsome Dragon Gang, a tribe of bandits that have been terrorizing the land. They must fight their way through the ranks, including a Taoist monk and his nearly invulnerable "demon," before they can finally face off against the beautiful and sinister leader of the Dragon Gang.

Terrible acting, bad sound effects, plot pits (they have far passed the level of simple plot holes), bad dubbing (they don't even dub everything), obviously out-of-place scenery, repeated clips to increase length, punches that obviously don't hit. Man, this movie has got it all. From the moment bamboo connected with brick to make a metal clang, I knew this movie was going to be brilliant. It even has a borderline-zombie character. - tpotter-6

Director: Kei Law
Starring: Fei Meng, Nancy Yen, Chung Chien Li