The Blue Door (2017)

Horror | Short Film |

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A British horror short film!

A home care nurse comes to realize that the old woman she cares for is not what she seems.

The first gift is the presence and the beautiful performance of Gemma Whelan. I know, too much GoT.... But she does a splendid performance. The second present - the tatoo of old lady. The minimalist, too. And the latch, off course. But the most significant detail - it is a real well crafted horror. Without easy solutions or pretextes for thrill. Its realism, the steps of storytelling, the gestures, the door - reminding old fairy tales- , the end are real good points. So, many gifts. Not only for the fans of genre.

Directed by Paul Taylor.
Starring Janie Booth, Annie McGrath, Gemma Whelan.


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