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Amazing Star Wars Swiss-made fanfilm!

Former Jedi Knight Rubera, cheated of her revenge, lives undercover as a bounty hunter and steers directly into the clutches of the dark side of the Force.

We are proud to finally present our fan film here on Youtube. It premiered on October 10th at the Fantasy Basel Comic Con in Switzerland. This video isn't monetized and no one makes any profit with it. We produced it with no budget and in accordance with the rules by Lucasfilm.

Sandro Schreiber

Michel Gauthier and Sandro Schreiber

Based on our beloved STAR WARS by GEORGE LUCAS

Sina Schwéry as RUBERA
Florian Bösiger as DARTH FENRIZ
Leonor Dias as ELEAN
Florian Ulrich as DJEN RATKO

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