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Technology and Science DW Documentary Films

Full DW produced documentaries on science and technology


Google, Facebook, Amazon - The rise of the mega-corporations

Spies, informants and new enemies - Today’s intelligence agencies

Fake news, propaganda, and conspiracy theories - The fight against disinformation

Drones, hackers and mercenaries - The future of war

The mysterious disease that affects millions of people worldwide

How does touch affect our mental and physical health?

The internet of everything - Our relationship with the internet

The future of education - Virtual learning

Revolution in medicine - BioNTech, mRNA and the Covid-19 vaccine

Is green hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis?

The world’s oldest virus research lab

How technology makes life easier – and what’s still up to you / UNSEEN (5/5)

Lithium – new gold rush in the Andes

The dark side of social media – how can we protect children?

The German car industry's political muscle

Asteroids – a new El Dorado in space?

Does a vaccine spell the end of the coronavirus pandemic?

When antibiotics are outsmarted

When food becomes scarce – high-tech farms of the future

Love and sex in the internet age

The power of the pharmaceutical companies

Internet from space

Healthy eyes – new therapies maintain sight

Fine-tuning the climate

The 3D printing revolution

How artificial intelligence is changing our society

Artificial intelligence and algorithms: pros and cons

Will Germany's car industry survive?

Artificial intelligence and its ethics

Amazon, Jeff Bezos and collecting data

Tesla and Elon Musk - the future of electric cars

Meet Germany's first robot lecturer

Drones, robots, and super sperm – the future of farming

Female power and digital empowerment - Founders Valley (4/5)

The poor, the banks and digital money - Founders Valley (3/5)

Data, social media and privacy - Founders Valley (2/5)

Archeology – exploring the past with modern technology

Malaysia: energize the world - Founders Valley (4/10)

Taiwan: technology: promise or peril? - Founders Valley (3/10)

Will robots steal our jobs? - The future of work (2/2)

Will robots steal our jobs? - The future of work (1/2)

Medicine from the jungle - Rainforest pharmacy


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