Score: A Film Music Documentary

2016 | Musical | Documentary | Feature | More info on IMDb

Documentary For Those Who Love The Music Of The Cinema

For a predominately visual medium like cinema, its musical component plays a vital role as well, especially its score. In that essential musical accompaniment, the soul of the film is expressed whether it be sweepingly majestic fanfares or delicate lyrical pieces. This documentary explores the artistic role of this special musical discipline that completes the cinematic artistic creation process and the artists who have devoted their careers to this contribution. We explore the form's history and examine the masters who defined it with their own distinctive artistic vision. In doing so, the various components of this delicate creative process are revealed as they create a musical compositional work that has inspired a popular appreciation of music in all its forms, which gave some old musical ways their own new lease on life.

This documentary is simply amazing! As someone who’s collected films and movie soundtracks for over forty years, I was just mesmerized by backstory of so many of the great film composers I’ve admired for so long. How they each came up the idea of a music theme and then executed the end result was so revealing about this crucial element of film that it just enhanced my appreciation of their craft all the more.

Written and Directed by: Matt Schrader Starring: Bear McCreary, Hans Zimmer, Marco Beltrami, Jon Burlingame, Leonard Maltin, James Cameron

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