Runaway (2013)

2013 | Science Fiction | Short Film

Runaway (2013) - just another day at the gas station in near future

Runaway (2013) - Ernest runs a gas station lost in the middle of a desert. Suddenly his nap during the not so buys day is interrupted by the arrival of a stranger who winds up causing a great deal of trouble in his otherwise uneventful afternoon.

ArtFx: Is a top school for learning special effects and 3D animation

Directed by Romain Chauliac, Ludovic Fregé, Yoann Gouraud and Quentin Medda Starring: Jacques Colliard

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Réalisateurs / Directors : Romain CHAULIAC -- Ludovic FREGÉ -- Yoann GOURAUD -- Quentin MEDDA
Image / Image : Romain CHAULIAC -- Ludovic FREGÉ -- Yoann GOURAUD -- Quentin MEDDA
Autres étudiants / other students : Rémy BAY - Pauline COSTANTINI -- Aton LERIN - Alexandre MARLIER -- Vaimiti GUESDON
Musique / Songs : Aurélien MARINI
Montage sonore / Sound editor : Frédéric LE LOUET -- Frédéric DEVANLAY

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