Run (2013)

2013 | Action | Drama | Feature

A clichéd Disney love story with parkour!

This fast-paced action/thriller is centered on a street smart seventeen year-old named Daniel who practices parkour and is both hero and thief.

This movie was done well, could have had more in-depth and dynamic characters, but still a good movie. There is a villain in this movie, who has guns and some "back-up" that really spice up the movie. Interesting, and the main characters are really attractive and teenage-looking. There is some action scenes here and there, it's exciting, and makes you smile in the end. It's not cheesy, as you might think. It involves fixing past mistakes and reevaluating your perspective in life, but you gotta deal with someone trying to kill you first and using Pakour skills to run away. Good movie to pass time if you're bored or if you like doing Pakour. Give this movie a shot, and you might like it.

Director: Simone Bartesaghi
Stars: William Moseley, Kelsey Asbille, Edoardo Ballerini

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