Night Drive (2019)

2019 | Drama | Short Film

I'm very nervous and excited to be releasing my very first self-written and directed short film! Since you all loved my "break up with your boyfriend, i'm bored" video, I decided I'd do a sequel with the same actors and storyline, but in the form of a film instead! This follows the lives of the two girls in my music video, 2 years down the road, after Heidi (Jessica Danecker) finally breaks up with her boyfriend, Travis (Matias Lucas). She finally revisits her best friend, Maia (played by me) after 2 years of not speaking. This is how their story continues...

Maia - Keara Graves
Heidi - Jessica Danecker
Travis - Matias Lucas

Written + Directed by Keara Graves
Filmed + Edited by Jacky P.A. Tran

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