Model Citizen

2020 | Animation | Short Film | More info on IMDb

Dystopian Animated Short Film

A model child raised by a model family, to become a model citizen of their own! People disliking this short obviously didn't watched all the Autodale shorts because the world created for the animation is a fantastic dystopia pretending to be an utopia. Model Citizen isn't the first short of this "Autodale Series".

I feel like when something is so obviously an allegory, people should share their interpretations and feelings. Because it’s more likely that there will be differences and so it’s interesting to see how consistent the message is, between interpretations, which I assume the creator wanted to be relatively clear in their message.

A rather disappointing dystopian, that succeeds only in spelling out the pure basics of totalitarianism, loss of Individualism, etc in the most bland and final way possible. Animation passable and mildly interesting to watch

Created by David James Armsby

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