Las Vegas (2014)

Published on December 12, 2016


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Las Vegas (2014) - The Oldest Strip Club in New Zealand

Founded in 1962 the Las Vegas striptease nightclub is the oldest strip club in New Zealand. Since 1976 Adrian ‘Adriatix’ Churn has been the man behind the music of this historic club. Refusing the name of a ‘Disc Jockey’ Adrian refers to himself as the ‘Sound & Lighting Technician’, and throughout the last four decades has lived and breathed Las Vegas and the infamous Auckland street of Karangahape Road. A true historian of the Auckland red light district and the iconic Las Vegas.
It was another personal project, something I wanted to document before I left New Zealand. That was the first strip club I ever went to, I snuck in when I was like 14 years old. It comes back to what I was saying before about documentation as the only way you can preserve anything; and I really wanted to document that place before it goes or changes. I feel it’s one of the last pieces of that stream of Auckland history, and that particular era of K Road. - Tom Gould

Tom Gould is an award-winning editor who has cut feature films, music videos, commercials, and numerous TV show. His first short film was Skin: a documentary about Mongrel Mob member, Martyka “Skin” Brandt who while still active in the gang, has single-handedly raised 10 children, including several as a foster father.

Directed by Tom Gould. Starring: Elizabeth Foley, Maddie Nichols, Bailey Celeste Sacco