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Karkass Karts (2015) - A Family Affair Made in Tennessee

When the Birch brothers inherit a failing funeral home from their decaying father, they must resort to unsavory means to save the family legacy. After their father commits suicide, leaving them in charge of their family’s destitute funeral home, the Birch brothers, Elder (Noam Tomaschoff), Jake (Collin Medford), and Box (Ian Boullion), attempt to grant his last request to be buried in the church cemetery, but are stonewalled by Pastor Mike (Kyle Minshew). When the creditors start calling, it seems like the Birch Family Funeral House might go under for good, until an off-hand joke by the town Sheriff (Stephanie Farcas) gives them a dark idea that might offer a chance to save the family business AND get their revenge on Pastor Mike.

Karkass Karts (2015) - A dark southern comedy

Director, Ben Nelson, and Writer, Craig Clayton’s home of Knoxville, Tennessee serves as the fictional setting of Patternaster Falls and the 10-day, Summertime shoot was made possible by the generosity of local businesses and townsfolk, proving once again that southern hospitality is unrivaled. Featuring historic Tennessee locations, the film takes Southern Gothic to a whole new level.

Made by a cast and crew of (mostly) NYU students and recent graduates who worked for little more than some southern cooking and the chance to put their educations to work, Karkass Karts is a passion project on all fronts.

Ben Nelson is a filmmaker based in New York City and a recent NYU graduate. His made his first film, a remake of The Wizard of Oz, at the age of eight. The film, which saw a limited release both in his parents' bedroom and in his first grade classroom, was widely praised by audiences. Since then his craft has only improved, as evidenced by the several "likes" his recent films have received on Facebook. In 2013, Ben directed "A Mail Tale: The Untrolled Story," an urban musical fairy tale, which won first place at the Tisch 48-hour film festival. His junior-level film, Bowl Me, won the audience award at the 2013 New Visions and Voices Festival. His most recent film, "Karkass Karts," is a southern dark comedy inspired by his former years in Dixie.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Ben Nelson Writers: Craig Clayton, Ben Nelson Stars: Noam Tomaschoff, Collin Medford, Ian Bouillion

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