Grey Wolf: Hitler's Escape to Argentina (2012)

2012 | Drama | War | Feature

The lack of evidence for Hitler's Death in Berlin is very strange - there is just as much evidence that Hitler escaped to Argentina!

Historians tell us that Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva committed suicide in Berlin in 1945. But across Argentina, in the files of the FBI and in the words of the eyewitnesses a different story emerges that makes it impossible to believe the official story about its dramatic suicide.

After DNA test of a skull in Russia proved to be that of a woman and not Hitler, I have had doubts that he died in Berlin. This could be fiction but quite a lot of high profile Nazi's escaped to south-america and a tunnel from Hitlers bunker was discovered that connected to railway so it was possible that he could get out. This movie continues with those rumors and is based on a book where its author tracked down real eye witnesses. These people if real and telling the truth have proven he did survive and claims C.I.A were also tracking him and maybe knew where he was.

Director: Gerrard Williams Writers: Simon Dustan, Gerrard Williams Starring: Dante Venesio, Maria Heller, Pietro Gian

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