Frank and Us (2018)

2018 | Action | Adventure | Science Fiction | Short Film

Post-apocalyptic short film!

Frank is a natural survivor living in an abandoned post apocalyptic town with his only friend. His daily survival routine is suddenly jeopardized when a note threatening "food or death" appears in the middle of his camp.

A recluse living in a post-apocalyptic town is threatened by the sudden arrival of another human. Friend, foe, or an internal apparition fuckin with Frank's mind? He's destined to find out.

The bad news was way to short! What an awesome film. I'm hoping there will be much more to come. I will keep re watching until there is more! Loved it!

AWARDS 2018 - 2019

  • IFS Film Fest
  • Hollywood Shorts
  • The Accolade Global Film Competition
  • Los Angeles Movie Awards
  • Independent Film and TV
  • California Internal Shorts Fest
  • Film-Com

Written and Directed by: Isaiah Wesley Taylor Starring: Aaron Toft, Brittney Grabill, Sergio Guerra

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