2017 | Documentary | Short Film | More info on IMDb

Documentary nominated for an Academy Award

Devastating short film tells the story of the country’s oldest interracial newlyweds. Edith and Eddie are deeply in love, but that’s not where the story ends.

On my first look on this documentary, I thought this was a very enjoyable and it shows the love that Eddie and Edith have for each other and while Edith is suffering dementia, she is forced to move to Florida with the It ends months later with the couple being separated by Edith's court-appointed legal guardian, and while the police was on the scene so Edith had to leave The home which they lived in because it was unstable for Edith and with the up stair bath room on the night Edith left their home Eddie was all alone this documentary shows that Eddie and Edith truly showed that they love each other and there was some questions are the money stolen from the bank account but one of the daughters stole the money but would not give it back later on in the documentary Eddie did not have contact with Edith for like about 5 years I think and Eddie was all alone in the house where Edith use to live in the house there was this on moment in the first scene it showed Eddie and Edith dancing and holding hands and I thought that was a very powerful That they truly showed the love they had for each other and how whatever you do you cannot separate them

Directed, produced and edited by Laura Checkoway Produced by Thomas Lee Wright Co-producers Karina Rotenstein and P. Corwin Lamm Executive Producers: Steve James, Gordon Quinn, Betsy Steinberg, and Cher A production of Kartemquin Films and Heart is Red


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