Dune Drifter (2020)

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No Sand Worms and Spice but still Bonafide science fiction action movie!

Despite Dune in the name, there are no Sand worms, No mighty Houses, no Bene Gesserit, and no Muad' Dib, and No, the spice does not flow. This is a raw movie. A simply made movie. Too realistic for most people. A movie for hardcore sci-fi fans who will stick it out through all the unpleasant screaming in the beginning, the somewhat bland darkness of space, and the simplistic props and wardrobe.

Marc Price has been able to create that balance of low budget sci-fi aesthetic from B movies that most of us feel nostalgic for with High Brow commentary and character exploration that not even some of the bigger budget films can provide.

This movie is a decent little indie Sci Fi. The first half hour is a bit weak, especially the overly-slow deaths and the admiral's aide character, but once they land on the planet it tightens up and becomes a great little suspenseful action movie. The acton was pretty good, especially the lead's use of weapons.

The locations are stunning, the space battles are suitably epic, and the score fits beautifully.

Directed by Marc Price. Starring Phoebe Sparrow, Daisy Aitkens, Simon Dwyer- Thomas, Alastair Kirton.


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