Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

1974 | Horror | Feature | More info on IMDb

Cult classic film of vampire hunters

Captain Kronos, who was once a member of the Imperial Guard, has been beckoned to seek out evil and destroy it. He has been the victim of a vampire once, but survived the evil forces. He knows the enemy... Maybe he'll return, to fight another evil in another time. Kronos knows that evil is timeless.

CAPTAIN KRONOS is a highly - influential take on the 'vampire hunter' myth. Influenced by Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns and full of rapier-sharp wit and sly charm, it is understandably one of Quentin Tarantino's favourite movies. The final swordfight, choreographed by fight arranger and master swordsman William Hobbs and fought between Hobbs and Janson, is acknowledged as a classic of on-screen swordplay.

Directed by Brian Clemens
Cinematography by Ian Wilson

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