Amazing Sci-Fi Action movie

In a post-apocalyptic world, a young woman fights for survival as she recalls traumatic events from her childhood.

I am continually amazed at Connolly's work, and this film delivers on all counts. The production value, the cast (SUPERB), the camera work, special effects, script...I have no complaints. I am in awe of how they accomplish what it takes major studios millions of dollars to accomplish. Ryan Connolly will one day soon grace the silver screen with his work...and after years of following his journey as spokesperson, host, entertainer, comedian, instructor, and filmmaker, I think it will be well earned. Great job, guys. Fantastic work. If I could offer one thing that I don't quite understand is...exactly what she is after, and what the digital countdown device (and corresponding arm numbers) mean. Maybe that will come out with the extensive behind-the-scenes that are forthcoming. LOVED it.

Written/Directed by Ryan Connolly

Dana Reid: Hannah Ward
Young Dana Reid: Kambry Musser
Sam Reid: Rachel Hendrix
Isaac: Mark Ashworth
Nate: Graham Powell
Douchebag: Omid Zade

Cinematography by - Chase Smith

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