Alone Time (2013)

2013 | Drama | Short Film

Directed by Rod Blackhurst

an Unparalleled Production in association with Frank & Paul Films

A young woman, stressed by her busy and continually crowded New York City existence spontaneously retreats to a solitary lake deep in the Adirondacks.

Ann - Rose Hemingway
Director | Rod Blackhurst
Producer | Josh Murphy
Executive Producers | Paul Pathikal + Eric Hollenbeck
Co-producers | David Ebeltoft + Chris Suchorsky
Associate Producer | Marcella Castro
Written by Rod Blackhurst + David Ebeltoft
Director of Photography | Adam McDaid
Editor | Suzanne Spangler
Composer | Tyler Strickland
Sound Designer | Jamey Scott
Strategic Partner | MBED

Subway Man - David Chokachi
Street Man - Jonathan Gundel
Cashier - Peggy Scott

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