Teenagers (2014) Season 02

Teenagers (2014)

Teenagers (2014)

Teenagers (2014) – sex, angst, racism and more!

A web series that explores teen angst, sexuality, racism and more through the eyes of several teenagers as they navigate their way through High School. “Teenagers”, a new web series premiering this January, which has been filmed largely just outside Toronto, is the creation of Mathew Murray (director/writer) and Sara Tamosauskas (writer), both of whom say that there was a need for a show about modern-day teens. Tamosauskas, who is a co-writer of “Teenagers”, says viewers should be ready for surprises. “I think people should be expecting to be shocked at times, we don’t hold back. We want to show people what it’s really like to be a teenager.” Think “DeGrassi” meets HBO. As the medium of web series starts to take off, “Teenagers” aims to be the next hidden gem, like the now wildly popular “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl”. With the show being broadcast on the web, there is a certain level of freedom found within it. “There’s some profanity and there’s a lot of sex in the first couple episodes at least, but its all for a reason,” explains Murray.

The show has gone through its own revolution, even within its early stage. Originally, Murray and Tamosauskas planned to work on a feature about two young adults finding their way in the world, when the idea to add the characters to a web series came about. With the series filming mostly in the fall months everything has come into place quickly, something the creators are thrilled about.

Created by Mathew Murray and Sara Tamosauskas. Starring: Dana Jeffrey, Emmanuel Kabongo, Allyson Pratt

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