ADAM (2017) Episode 3

ADAM Episode 3 human survivors in post-apocalyptic world

EPISODE 3: ADAM tells the story of a human whose brain has been erased and imprisoned in a robotic shell. When the hero is expelled from a walled city with a crowd of his fellow prisoners, the newborn cyborg realizes he is exiled in a post-apocalyptic world. Short films such as these are perhaps most intriguing when they have an air of mystery about them, as opposed to a fully fleshed out feature length film. I don’t really know why, but this short film gives me some very strong SOMA (the videogame) vibes to it. Really excellent work and the setting is making my imagination run absolutely wild. As an aside, ever consider making a second channel to upload the soundtracks from your videos? I really like the credits theme for this movie, the haunting melody is quite relaxing on the nerves. Oats Studios presents a new chapter of ADAM and a new tribe of human survivors in this post-apocalyptic world.

Neill Blomkamp is the celebrated writer and director of District 9, Elysium, and Chappie. In early 2017, he and his producer brother Mike Blomkamp created Oats Studios, dedicated to incubating and producing independent films. ADAM Episode 2 shaping the future of sci-fi filmmaking

The company behind the Unity game engine released Adam, a proof-of-concept short film designed to show off its cinematic creation tools. The company behind the Unity game engine released Adam, a proof-of-concept short film designed to show off its cinematic creation tools.With the help of VFX supervisor Chris Harvey (Tron Legacy, Zero Dark Thirty, Chappie) and a core group of award-winning designers, artists and engineers, they have been workshopping new filmmaking techniques to serve their sci-fi horror-fantasy story ideas.
In just five months, the Oats team produced in real-time what would normally take close to a year using traditional rendering. “This is the future of animated content,” declares CG supervisor Abhishek Joshi, who was CG lead on Divergent and Game of Thrones. “Coming from offline, ray-traced renders, the speed and interactivity has allowed us complete creative freedom and iteration speed unheard of with a non-RT workflow.”

Written and Directed by: Neill Blomkamp


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