Black Cobra (1987)

Black Cobra aka Cobra Nero (1987)

Black Cobra aka Cobra Nero (1987)


Watch Black Cobra because detective Robert Malone is a maverick. He is an uncompromising policeman when he guns down several criminals during a hostage standoff. Next, he finds himself protecting a female photographer who has witnessed a murder. She is sought by a moronic gang of motorcyclists who have been murdering and raping at will. Malone finds them, confronts them, and takes care of (police) business.

Watch Black Cobra (1987) or be forever silent!

Black Cobra is low low budget flick that provided enjoyable escapism for 90 minutes and kept me entertained. This is the type of film that you really have to accept on it’s own terms or just leave alone. Ripping it apart would be easy but all the things that one could criticize are the exact same things that make Black Cobra the entertaining low budget flick that it is.

Directed by Stelvio Massi
Starring Fred Williamson, Eva Grimaldi, Bruno Bilotta


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